When you sponsor a child you are providing for their nutrition, health, and daily wellness. This enables them to focus on discipleship and education thereby breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Because of your commitment and compassion, we have the opportunity to accompany these children on their journey through life and see what God does in them and through them in their local communities.

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Liberia's Future



New Hope Children's Village

NHCV is working to restore normalicy and resume its mission's goals for these children.

May 9, 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the end of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. The health system is continuing to take precautions and to monitor for new cases.

– Source, The Ebola outbreak in Liberia is over, WHO statement

There were so many losses of life and the recovery process is still in progress. Now there are more children without parents with no visible means of support. In addtition to the very blessed children of NHCV, we strive to distribute blessings to other children and groups that are involved in restoring the community.

Thanks to the generousity and prayers of our benefactors all of our school age children are attending classes. During the containment, all of the schools were shut down. At NHCV, the older children in the house were able to tutor the younger children. Not only did this keep them busy, but it also kept them sharp.

All donations, large or small, and your prayers make a difference. You matter. Our prayers and thanks go out to all those providing their prayers and support, especially through these most difficuly times.

Mission to Liberia, 2015

Venue: New Hope Children's Village
Assess Quality of Life, Education, Worship and Growth. Provide and Prioritize Support.
Our president and founder, Myer Torbor, traveled back to Liberia by himself—a one man mission team. It's our hope and prayer that Marie Torbor will be able to come to the states for a two week mission trip this year.