A Month in the Village – Oct 2014

Oct 23, 2014 | Health and Nutrition

October’s Blessings and Challenges –

In speaking with the adults and children of the village today we received news of how both day-to-day and unexpected challenges are being addressed thanks to God’s blessings and your help.

October’s day-to-day challenges included: the need to make our annual payment toward housing, and the need to provide proper nutrition as the cost of food rises while Ebola and its suffering continues to spread in West Africa. Praise God, our benefactors were there for us and we were able to take care of both challenges.

Please pray that our village will continue to escape this virus.

Unexpected challenges included: two children contracting Malaria, and the removal of the village’s rented furniture. Both Scooby, 3 years old, and another child received emergency medical services and medicine from available funds and were cured of the their Malaria. The removal of the village’s rented furniture, in-spite of the fact payments were made, presents a new challenge; to acquire new furniture such as tables and chairs. Fortunately, the village owns their own beds, mattresses and bedding. The children sleep in bunk-beds.

We will continue to accept the donation of new and used items as we work to fill another shipping container. We will ship this, our second container, to the village when it’s filled.

Glory to God


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