Back to School Spring 2020

Mar 12, 2020 | Fundraiser

It’s back to school spring 2020 for the children of NHCV. This year we have 24 children in need of support for tuition.

Greetings and Gratitude from Myer and Marie!

It is incredible how the children are growing in every respect. Of course, they grow taller, eat more, and play harder, but they are so beautifully growing in the Lord!

Sometimes I think they have an advantage in Liberia when I observe the destructive effects of wealth and entertainment in the American culture. It is so hard for the children in America to be distanced from the technology that suffocates their activity. Cell phones, Netflix, video games are truly very appealing to the children in America.

I am not at all surprised. I am sure that if this was available in Liberia, the same would happen to the children there. It is very attractive to them and hard to resist.

I thank God that we are free from the temptation because we do not have access.

Instead, we sing to the Lord, read, study, memorize, and recite His Word. Oh, what a blessing it is to their young developing minds! In addition, they go to school and have vigorous curriculums that include the old fashioned reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Now is the time we pray for funding.

Tuition for our children is due and we would be so grateful for your help. We have 24 children in classes and the total per semester is close to $6000. It’s only $250 per child, but 24 children adds up quickly.

This on top of what we regularly provide for them in basic material needs like food, shelter, healthcare, transportation, and clothing. We rarely have surplus, but the Lord has been faithful to provide the essentials for these past 7 years. It is truly an honor to see how His hand has covered us.

Please consider New Hope Children’s Village in your giving.

We will be so grateful.

Also, if you know anyone that would be inclined to help us, would you be willing to make an introduction? It too would be greatly appreciated.

Always Thankful, forever serving,
Myer and Marie Torbor
Glory to God

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