When you sponsor a child you are providing for their nutrition, health, and daily wellness. This enables them to focus on discipleship and education thereby breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Because of your commitment and compassion, we have the opportunity to accompany these children on their journey through life and see what God does in them and through them in their local communities.

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Board of Directors - New Hope Children's Village
Our Board of Directors is an all volunteer staff, giving of themselves in prayer and effort, hoping to impact the lives of needful, at risk children and ultimately their nation's future.

As God provides, we will diligently pursue our mission and vision on these children's behalf.

Our Board


Myer Torbor, Chairman and President

A man who’s faith in God and trust that there can be no room for fear when Jesus is with us, can only be born from the many experiences of suffering and survival that are a part of this man’s solid fabric. The remarkable joy that is his regular countenance is most contagious and always welcome. Myer has a perpetual smile and laugh that invites relationships.

Myer served in the Liberian government as a respected member of the House of Representatives, having been a Minister of the Gospel and leader in the church community for years. When the war broke out, he wore many targets that could easily cost him his very life. Fearlessly, Myer devoted himself to trying to reconcile enemies by the power of the Gospel. Eventually, God brought Myer to Snellville, GA where he serves as a Deacon in his home church while working a full time job to enable him to send his earnings to Liberia in support of the work of the orphanage.

If he has ever had a selfish thought, it is a secret between him and God.

Phil Bambrick

Phil’s vision and “get-it-done” personality was the genius behind many of the advances New Hope Children’s Village enjoyed during the first three years. Phil orchestrated the solar panel project, the water tower project, and the food preservation project.

Phil’s dynamic impatience is born from his United State Marine career which he parlayed into a second career as a highly successful Delta Airline pilot. He serves the missionaries in South Africa as a courier on his regular route to Johannesburg.

Howard Barefoot

One of the original supporters of the work in Liberia, and an early believer in what Myer was trying to explain, Howard was anxious to be one of the first to go to Liberia to see for himself what the Lord was doing.

Howard is a Deacon at his home church and an active member of the missions board as well. His natural gift of service is evident as he serves in his church and is always looking for ways to be a blessing to the children of New Hope Children’s Village.

Ally Dobbs

Ally’s organizational skills have driven most of the activities for the last year. Having been on mission trips since a teenager, she is keenly aware of the impact a trip can have on the participant and those being ministered to as well. This was demonstrated in March of 2014 when Ally joined the Vision Team in Liberia and saw (and felt) the meaning of New Hope Children’s Village.

Her budgeting skills ‘squeeze’ every ounce of efficiency and effectiveness from every dollar we receive for the children. Always wanting to progress the team forward, Ally is the inspiration behind our fund raising. She is an accomplished professional and highly respected and recognized by her peers.

Phillip “Bud” Sloane

Having spent time as a youth in an orphanage himself, Bud understands how critically important those formative years, are and how valuable the family structure is to a developing child.

An accountant and entrepreneur, his high level management skills and background are an invaluable resource for New Hope Children’s Village. In addition, Bud’s relationships with the local schools have put us in a position to receive tremendous educational materials which we are able to ship to needy schools and children in Liberia. Bud is an acclaimed bible teacher and serves his local church faithfully.