When you sponsor a child you are providing for their nutrition, health, and daily wellness. This enables them to focus on discipleship and education thereby breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Because of your commitment and compassion, we have the opportunity to accompany these children on their journey through life and see what God does in them and through them in their local communities.

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In The Loop Archives - New Hope Children's Village
Rejoice He is risen Easter Sunday 2021

Happy Easter & Traveling Home

NHCV Offers Best Wishes for a very safe and Happy Easter.

map showing location of LiberiaMyer is traveling home.

This month Myer is traveling home to New Hope Children’s Village in Monrovia, Liberia. Among his many responsibilities while he is home, he will oversee the construction of NHCV’s new dormitory.

In 2020, a dramatic spike in rent made the children’s existing home no longer affordable.

The children have been temporarily housed in the school, closed by COVID measures. The decision was made to build a dormitory above the church. Among other repairs needed, the church’s roof had been blown off during a storm. Work has begun on these renovations and the new construction required to repair the church and build out the necessary bedrooms, a bathroom and a dining room for NHCV.

Please pray for Myer, the successful completion of this project, and New Hope Children’s Village.

We remain always thankful,

Ron, Ally, Myer and Marie
New Hope Children’s Village
Glory to God

photo NHCV children

Change for Generations to Come

As the year 2017 is quickly coming to a close, we praise God for the kindness He has shown us through you, our partners and faithful friends.

Greetings from Myer and Marie, and all the grateful children of New Hope Children’s Village.

This was an ambitious year full of milestones and challenges.

  • NHCV moved to a new facility, better accommodations for our children and closer to our home church
  • Katie and Prius turned 18 and graduated to a new life.
  • Katie remains as a wonderful assistant to Marie. Katie was raised at NHCV and is best qualified to assume responsibility in our expansion.
  • Prius is a son of the ministry and always will be. We and the children love him dearly and will remain close as this family grows. He is preparing to become a teacher and we hope he will return as a teacher at the Myer Torbor Academy some day.
  • Although we remain in arrears—all the children are receiving their education and we are working towards raising the tuition needed.
  • We provided new mattresses for the children this year.
  • Scripture memory is expanded as the children get older and their minds become better able to understand the Gospel.
  • We were able to replace the worn out water pump that provides water for the children and the house.
  • God blessed us with good health this year, praise His name!

The Myer Torbor Academy was dedicated and the doors were open in September, inviting children from the surrounding area to come and learn.

While the academy is not a part of the orphanage, it is an extension of the work that we are doing and is expected to produce a positive cash flow in 2018. This income is needed to support my wife and I as we take no income from New Hope Children’s Village. 100% of the gifts that are received are devoted to the support of the children.

God bless you for blessing these precious children.

We are always in need of your prayers and gifts. What we do in Liberia is so invisible to the world, but oh, how we wish that we could take in more needy children! Our hope is that the children we graduate will move on in Christ and be a change for Liberians for generations to come.

Please, if you are able, help us to do what God has called us to do for these little ones.

Forgive me for begging, but I do it for the children, not for myself or my wife. Please help us with your financial gifts of any size. We really cannot do this alone.

Merry Christmas and our very best wishes for a Healthy, Joyous, and Prosperous 2018!

Always thankful in Christ for you all,

Myer and Marie Torbor
New Hope Children’s Village
Glory to God

photo New Hope Children's Village children

Power Restored!

Dear friends of New Hope Children’s Village,

We greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord, power is restored at New Hope Children’s Village.

We thank you for your love and compassion for these beautiful kids. We see the hand of God at work as we demonstrate the love of Christ for our children to follow.

The children will continue to pray for you.

Thank you!

Always Joyful,
Myer and Marie Torbor
Glory to God