When you sponsor a child you are providing for their nutrition, health, and daily wellness. This enables them to focus on discipleship and education thereby breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Because of your commitment and compassion, we have the opportunity to accompany these children on their journey through life and see what God does in them and through them in their local communities.

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photo New Hope Children's Village children

Electric Power Generation

During the past few days there was a burglary attempt at the village because there was no light on the outside. The generator will also be used to pump water into the building.

Dear Friends of New Hope Children’s Village,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we wish to acquaint you with progress and problems since our relocation to the new home. It had been a celebration and joy; also a power shortage because our source’s power, the Solar Panel system, cannot cover the entire facility. It requires a high power generator that will cost $1,500.00 to supplement the power.

Therefore, we are appealing for your help as the Lord, laid on your heart we will appreciate your prayers and financial contribution. Thank for your kindness and God bless.

Always Thankful,
Myer and Marie Torbor
Glory to God

photo Children of New Hope Children's Village

Moving Closer to School

We are relocating the orphanage!
Yes, we are moving in order to be closer to the school for the children. Distance in Liberia, and distance in America are very different! Roads in Liberia are hard on the passengers and the vehicle.

Greetings, Friends of New Hope Children’s Village!

Often the roads in Liberia are more like paths or dried up river beds, very bumpy, narrow, deep potholes, and very slow to traverse. A few miles can be a difficult journey indeed.

Over the past several years we have done what is necessary and by your generosity and God’s grace have joyously been allowed to take the children to and from their school; but, yes, it comes at a price. By moving the orphanage, we will be able to avoid the daily expense and hardship of commuting such a far distance to their school and to the church that they attend, ‘Voice of Victory’.

Marie is searching for a place even now! We know God has one picked out that will be just wonderful, and all we have to do is find it!

We will incur several expenses and we need your help. I am sorry to always have to ask, but you are our only revenue source. We raise children, not produce. We have no way of funding the orphanage by any means other than faith and trust that God will continue to show us mercy by your generosity.

We anticipate that the move and first year deposit will cost about $4,000. For us, that is a huge sum of money, but God gave us a truck, which seemed impossible. God gave us bunk beds, which is only a dream come true, God has given us you, the ones we have not even met yet, and God has given us his son, the greatest blessing of all!

If you can help, and I we are praying that you can, please do so quickly. You have done so much already, thank you for considering our immediate need.

Always serving,
Myer and Marie Torbor
Glory to God

For more information on roads in Liberia, you may view the results of a Logistics Capacity Assessment survey published online here,

The road network in Liberia is greatly underdeveloped and among the least developed in West Africa.

Logistics Capacity Assessment – Wiki
… 2 Liberia Logistics Infrastructure
…2.3 Liberia Road Network

photo NHCV children in school

Back to School

It’s Back to School prep time for 22 of the children of New Hope Children’s Village, and we praise God as we celebrate our first graduates!

Oh, sing praises to our Lord!

Dear Friends of NHCV,

We are excited to enter into a new school session for NHCV. This year, as in years past, our goal is to provide the necessary education to prepare our children to take the Gospel to Liberia.

We are also especially excited to report that this year we have our first two graduates, Praise the Lord! More will follow shortly to tell you about what the plans are for these two, but for now, we celebrate our FIRST GRADUATES, thanks to God and your faithful support.

We have 22 children desiring to go to school this fall. Our requirement is $4,200 for tuition, books, meals, and uniforms. This comes to $190 per child per semester.

Can we count on your help? Please consider a generous gift at this time to help us help the children. They are counting on us.

New Hope Children’s Village
2016 High School Graduates

photo New Hope Children's Village 2016 High School Graduates

Kati and Pius!

Always trusting,
Myer Torbor, President

Glory to God