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CDC West Africa Ebola Aug 14, 2014

Ebola Grips Liberian Capital

The spread of Ebola continues in West Africa. In just a few short weeks the chart below illustrates how the virus had spread.

Our children and those providing their care need our help. Expect to hear from us shortly regarding opportunities for you to make a difference. As you can well imagine, as this virus spreads there are direct and indirect risks to even the healthiest individuals. Supporters, healthcare providers, and even governments urgently need our help and our prayers.

CDC West Africa Ebola Jul vs Aug

If you can’t provide financial support at this time but you would like to offer your time and talent please reach out and contact us.

Regardless… please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

Always Thankful.

Glory to God

photo Liberian children learning about ebola

Ebola Quarantine in Liberia

Our Dear Uncle Ron, Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our hope and trust is in the hands of God now Ron. The country is under stress this morning. The president has declar carefule. Prices have incress. People are on the run for food. I’m so down Ron. My worried now is this children. We need food and cash to be on hand. Ebola is not the only insue. I’m not well. Daddy is too slow in doing thing. We need New Hope supportor’s prays and hope to hear from you soon. Marie:

Here is a message we received today from Marie Torbor at New Hope Children’s Village. There is a spelling error of the word “Curfew”, which is the wrong word anyway. She is referring to the quarantine of neighborhoods to try to curb Ebola.

She refers to “Daddy”, which is Myer. She is not critical, she is saying the situation is desperate and Myer is unable to fix it.

They are requesting our prayers. Marie very rarely communicates directly with me; she usually goes through Myer. They are very concerned about the outbreak of violence, a coup to overthrow the President, and the spread of Ebola. All of these are very real and pose a legitimate threat to Liberia and NHCV.

Note: The New York Times has a big story on this today.
CDC West Africa Ebola map Jul 20, 2014

NHCV Currently Safe From Ebola

There have been so many, wonderfully caring inquiries regarding the recent outbreak of the deadly disease, Ebola, and the safety of New Hope Children’s Village. First of all, it seems that everyone is safe at this time, praise God. Thank you for your concern and please continue to pray.

I understand that perhaps Liberia was a little slow in taking preventive measures and that the Liberian people did not take the government seriously enough in the beginning. I believe everyone is taking this very seriously at this point and taking every precaution. Ebola presents itself much the same as the flu or even Malaria, both of which are not uncommon in Liberia, consequently, it is not consistently diagnosed quickly enough. With the recent surge in deaths, it is being taken much more seriously and hopefully people will be quicker to recognize the danger when they observe the symptoms.

Please join us in prayer for the recovery of those infected, and that God will protect the care-givers.

Please join us in getting the request out for prayer.

Please join us in prayer that God will reveal to medical science an effective treatment for this deadly disease.

Please join us in worship as we acknowledge the sovereign power and manifest goodness of God.

Knowing that life is fragile, and that sin is rampant, and that we are guilty, has provided an even more remarkable solution to our real problem.

Glory to God

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Source of CDC Map
8/3/2014 CDC Ebola Infographic

Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is one of numerous Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. It is a severe, often fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates (such as monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees).

Source of CDC Infographic and Ebola Description