When you sponsor a child you are providing for their nutrition, health, and daily wellness. This enables them to focus on discipleship and education thereby breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Because of your commitment and compassion, we have the opportunity to accompany these children on their journey through life and see what God does in them and through them in their local communities.

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Christmas 2014 - New Hope Children's Village

Due to the generous giving for Christmas for the children, Marie was able to give them each an outfit to celebrate. They were treated to popcorn bags and other treats, especially fried chicken!

This was a very special treat to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

They have not had a Christmas like this ever before and they adapted easily and quickly! They praised God for his provision of Jesus; his protection during the Ebola crisis, and for all the friends and supporters God has brought to them in their struggle.

—Myer Torbor, Christmas, 2014