COVID-19 Not The Singular Threat

Mar 8, 2021 | Health and Nutrition

COVID-19 is not the only threat to the children’s health.

While the world is fighting the COVID virus, the children at New Hope Children’s Village battle other foes, Malaria and Typhoid. But thanks to YOU, these children receive health care, proper nutrition, and specific medical attention when needed.

Right now, two of our children are battling Malaria and three are battling Typhoid fever. These once were deadly killers, but thanks to you, these precious ones are being loved and cared for the way you would want to care for your own children. Please pray for the physical health and protection for our children. I know they pray for you.

We are planning to send Myer to Liberia for an extended stay, perhaps two month, maybe longer. Myer will oversee the construction of the dormitories and minister to Marie and the children.

Also, we’d like to share a few photos and a video from NHCV. The photos and the video have been combined into the following video, offering us a fresh opportunity to see and hear these children laugh and play. At the end, the video’s actual sound is replayed while displaying a stills.


We remain always thankful,

Ron, Ally, Myer and Marie
New Hope Children’s Village
Glory to God

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