Dormitory Construction Progress

Oct 30, 2021 | Fundraiser

NHCV New Location
Construction Progress

What a journey it has been!

There is no finish line, only more opportunities. Myer and Marie consistently push the envelope of faith and prayer and trusting God for the next step.

I know that only God can create something out of nothing (ex nihilo) but given what little New Hope Children’s Village started with, it is a miracle of God what has been born.

The construction project cost more than expected. Yes, inflation knows no border. Material costs fluctuate with each incremental order making it difficult to know exactly what it will take, but praise the Lord, the second floor is finished, and the majority of the walls are up and soon the project will take a roof and be ready for move-in. What began as a $20,000 project will end up more like $35,000. Yet, your generous giving has made it all possible. Thank you!

photo NHCV new location construction progress

View slides of our journey.

With the completion of the construction, the complex will have the church, the dormitory, and the academy. What a remarkable achievement! The children will be able to worship, become educated, receive health care, and grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, all in one location! Here at NHCV they are a family where they are loved and love others.

We are almost there! The work continues as funds become available. We went through much of our reserves and could sure use some help. If you are able to participate, please do not delay. You can send a check or donate online.

It all adds up, so please consider NHCV financially at this time. With your help, we may finish the project this year!

Always Thankful in Christ,
Ron, Ally, Myer and Marie
  and the children of New Hope Children’s Village

all Glory to God

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