Emmanuel Broke His Arm

Feb 22, 2016 | In The Loop

Slideshow – The country doctor treating Emmanuel’s broken arm, and Emmanuel’s recovery.

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Recently one of our 3rd grade boys, Emmanuel, fell in the playground at school and broke his arm.   The country doctor was called and came to set the arm.  A country doctor is not a medical doctor, he is someone who is known in the community to have skills.  After the doctor sets the arm, he will return frequently for about two weeks to make certain that the fingers are moving and warm.  He will check on his patient until he is satisfied that the arm is properly healing.  Here are some pictures to show the difference between our health care and the common practice in Liberia.

When something  like this happens, all the children are involved.   Some will offer comfort, some will bring him a drink, another will try to make him laugh.  Four of the children are his age, nine are older, and eleven are younger.  All of them will pray for him.  He will be made to feel special and cared for.  These children are deeply connected to one another.  This is life at New Hope Children’s Village.

Myer Torbor
President, NHCV
Glory to God

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