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Helping Liberia Rebuild

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So many needs… So many ways to help.

We try to make it easy for anyone to help within their means and in consideration of whatever demands may already be on them. These orphan children can benefit from your prayers, discards, time and talent or financial support.
Thank you for your consideration and, God willing, your support.

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Please pray that

  • As God provides, we will purchase land and build better facilities
  • As God provides, we will produce food for the children and for market
  • As God provides, we will establish a K-12 school for the children and the community
  • As God provides, we will build a medical clinic for the children and the community
  • As God provides, we will create a seminary for advanced Christian training
  • As God provides, we will send out missionaries to the rest of Africa and to the world.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

photo Meyer preparing shipment of donated items

You may be surprised how your donation of items may impact these children’s lives. 

The smallest things we often take for granted can bring joy and enablement.

NHCV has been generously granted the ability to ship cargo bins of food and goods free of charge, taxes and duty to these children. Contributions of home and school supplies are needed and appreciated.

If you have goods or supplies, new or used, and wonder if they may be of benefit to the children’s schools or their home please CONTACT US by reaching out to our volunteers.

Your support makes a difference regardless of size. New Hope Children’s Village is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of volunteers. No one receives a salary

Your support goes to the expense of providing nutrition, health, education and daily wellness. Covering these expenses enables the children to focus on discipleship and education thereby offering them hope of breaking a vicious cycle of poverty.

We also accept donations via Checks made payable to:

New Hope Children’s Village
PO Box 308
Suwanee, Ga 30024

photo shopping for essentials

In our effort to be flexible and accommodate your means and your desire to help, you have options to:

  • make a one-time donation of any size, $5 or more
  • join our 24 for 24 program to donate $24 a month for 24 months.
  • subscribe to donate a monthly amount of your choosing, $5 or greater.
  • help send missionaries.

Helping Hands

Your donation of time and talent is appreciated.

Both locally and on mission trips, many skills are needed.

Locally, skills to organize and participate in prayer, fundraisers, picking up and preparing donations for shipment. Skills needed in Liberia vary with specific mission trip goals and may include: medical, legal, painting, plumbing, electrical, education, construction, mechanics and more.