When you sponsor a child you are providing for their nutrition, health, and daily wellness. This enables them to focus on discipleship and education thereby breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Because of your commitment and compassion, we have the opportunity to accompany these children on their journey through life and see what God does in them and through them in their local communities.

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Our Story - New Hope Children's Village

Where is Liberia location mapLiberia was a prospering nation with a government modeled after the United States of America.

Life before war was decent, happy, and free. Families were together, fathers worked, mothers cared for children, and community was bustling. Children were innocent, learning and playing. All of that changed when diamonds motivated a devastating war.

Civil war raged in Liberia from 1989 – 2003 with a brief decrease in violence between 1996 and 1999.

In the aftermath of the brutal civil war, there were children in the streets with no one to care for them.

Myer and Marie Torbor took action. One at a time, children were deposited into their care.

These were brought together by necessity, bound together by the Gospel and the love that is born from above. The tragedy that was so terrible has left deep scars, but the love of Christ is able to restore the wounded. This is now a family that is able to move forward and care for more and more children. Some have grown and moved on, but more come behind them.

Today, New Hope Children’s Village consists of more than 24 children from infancy to teen.

Marie and the staff are training the children in the scriptures, feeding their minds with truth, teaching them to follow Christ, leading in worship twice each day, and modeling the kind of love that children so desperately deserve and need.

Myer is in the United States where he works and earns money to send to Marie. She maintains the home and supervises the staff of adults that help care for the children. They depend on God for provisions and have seen Him do miraculous things through faithful supporters and friends.