Help Providing Food & Tuition

Jun 13, 2018 | Fundraiser, Health and Nutrition


This is an urgent request for help to provide food for the children of New Hope Children’s Village and to keep them enrolled in school.


Greetings to you with our heartfelt appreciation.

We are experiencing more than the usual hardship at this time. Right now we are without money to buy the food necessary for the children.

Any help is always greatly appreciated.

Are your children/grandchildren in school?

How about sports?

Do they want cell phones, tablets, new clothes?

Sometimes there are braces for the teeth, testing fees, school supplies, and the list goes on and on. I understand, after all we have 24 mouths to feed!!!

Twice a year we have a big bill to pay, TUITION.

Per child it’s not so bad, but when you have 24 it adds up to over $5000, and we need your help. We feed them, teach them the bible, nurture their hearts and minds, give them comfort, healthcare, and love.

photo New Hope Children's Village children

Thanks to you, our friends and supporters, the children are doing great and they know why; it’s because you have provided the finances to keep them off the streets and give them a life that they could never have attained. They give thanks to Jesus for you, the ones that they only know exist somewhere in America.

So here we are again, hat In hand, hoping you can be an answer to their prayers one more time. Will you please help?

Always thankful in Christ for you all,

Myer and Marie Torbor
New Hope Children’s Village
Glory to God

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