Prayer Requests

Jan 8, 2016 | Health and Nutrition, In The Loop

Please consider prayer for Marie Torbor. She is struggling greatly with very high blood pressure, typhoid fever, and a lump in her breast.

The doctors are doing what they can with what they have, but they have recommended additional treatment elsewhere. We are working to get her a travel Visa to come to the US for medical attention.

Shipping our container

In addition, please continue to pray for NHCV to receive the letter of exemption that would allow us to ship the container of supplies that we are sitting on.

Yes, we have actually made some progress, but it is very much like pushing rope. They have asked for an inventory of what we would ship and we are requesting more information on how detailed the list needs to be. The holdup is that in the past, people have taken wrongful advantage of the exemption and so they put a complete halt on the privilege. We are requesting a waiver and it looks like we may get it.

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